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Summer School Weeks

Summer School Week - Hannover - 2014


Hannover, DE – The 1st Summer School Week entitled “From High School to University and Beyond”of the TECAS-ITN European Doctoral Academy in Regenerative Engineering, was held in the Hannover Medical School premises at September 1-5, 2014.

Participation in the Summer School was open to pupils in their 11th or 12th grade of Gymnasium (or equivalent), who wish to pursue university studies and careers in the fields of biomedical engineering, biotechnology, medicine, engineering, biology, and biochemistry, after graduation from the secondary education. Participation in the Summer School was also open to secondary education teachers.


The Summer School featured a programme including lectures, laboratory practicals, laboratory tours and career mentoring sessions for the pupils with senior academics, clinicians and researchers. Specifically, the 5-day programme included the following activities:






Biomechanics (link)


Tissue Engineering (link)


Applied Biology (link)


Animals in Scientific Research (link)


Experimental Animal Welfare (link)


Translating Research into Therapies (link)


Presentation of heart valve replacement


Communications in Science (link)


Women in Science and Engineering


Careers in Academia & Research (link)


Career Paths to Research Management


Extracorporeal Oxygenation


Lab Practicals


Tour of Corlife Laboratories


Tour of ΜΗΗ Laboratories


Lab practical I: Biomechanical Testing of Heart Valves


Lab practical II: Stem Cell Culture





Professor Axel Haverich delivered the keynote address to the pupils and the teachers in the opening day of the School.

Participation in Science Summer School was free, and the participants awarded an official certificate of attendance of the proceedings of the school. The best group presentation (Heart Group) was also awarded with a 1st place special certificate and a prize as well as the best Instructor of the Summer School (Dr. Lucrezia Morticelli). The ratings for the "Best Instructor" were provided from the students and the ratings for the "Best Group Presentation" were provided from the students and the instructors.


The majority of the pupils expressed their satisfaction and how this summer school may even help them to identify their field or interest.

Pupils quotes:

"All in all, it was a great experience"

"I wish it would have been possible to do more things on our own in the Labs!"

"Very good organisation! It's very nice to see that some people care about, and support high-school students. Very helpful in terms of discovering own interests. A very nice experience with very nice and professional people"



If you would like to obtain a copy of the Summer School booklet please click here.

If you would like to receive more information about the Summer School Weeks,

Patient Focus Seminars or Women In Science seminars, please contact:

Dr Sotirios Korossis

Director of TECAS Doctoral Academy in Regenerative Engineering


Director of Biomedical Engineering


Klinik für Herz-, Thorax-, Transplantations-und Gefäßchirurgie


Medizinische Hochschule Hannover


Feodor-Lynen-Strasse 31, 30625, Hannover


Tel: 0511 532 8258


Fax: 0511 532 8314


E-mail: korossis.sotirios(at)


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