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Doctoral Fellowships

Development of a vascularised TE myocardial patch (ESR9)



The aim of this Fellowship is to generate a vascularised TE myocardial construct, which will incorporate a perfusable vascular system with a view to increasing the construct thickness. Initially, the work will focus on the development of a bioreactor that can deliver biaxial strain and electrical stimuli, and can perfuse culture medium through the vasculature of cultured myocardium constructs. The vascular system of the myocardial constructs will be generated by porcine small intestine, which will be decellularised and sterilised using previously developed methods, and seeded with ovine or porcine stem cells. The contractile component of the constructs will be constructed using multiple cardiomyocyte or stem cell monolayers, or by forming gel/cardiomyocyte or stem cell constructs using a basement membrane matrix. The contractile component and the vascular system will be combined and conditioned in the developed bioreactor under different physical stimuli conditions, to optimise patch regeneration. Conditioned and statically-maintained constructs will be assessed at different time points in terms of cell phenotype, histology, immunohistochemistry, biochemistry, and biomechanics, to assess the effect of dynamic conditioning on valve regeneration.





Research Field: Cardiovascular tissue engineering and regenerative medicine


Collaborators: RWTH Aachen University, Corlife, Eindhoven University of Technology, University of Padua


Supervision: Dr. Sotirios Korossis (PI), Dr. Andres Hilfiker (co-I), Dr. Ingor Tudorache (co-I), Prof. Stefan Jockenhövel (co-I), Dr. Michael Harder (co-I), Prof. Frank Baaijens (co-I), Prof. Gino Gerosa (co-I)

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TECAS-ITN End-of-Network Conference

 Padua, November 28-30, 2016

The TECAS-ITN European Doctoral Academy in Regenerative Engineering, is organising the End-of-Network Conference in Padua, Italy.

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