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Doctoral Fellowships

Preservation methods for cell-seeded TE cardiovascular grafts (ESR11)



The aim of this Fellowship is to evaluate a range of preservation methods, commonly used by tissues banks for medium‐ to long‐term storage of transplants, on cell‐seeded TE constructs, with a view to establishing optimal preservation methods for TE grafts. This Fellowship will research cell‐seeded TE scaffolds obtained from pulmonary and aortic valve roots (human and porcine), small intestine (porcine) and pericardium (porcine/bovine), which will be decellularised according to previously‐established methods, and ovine fibrin valvular scaffolds, which will be contributed by another ESR project within the TECAS‐ITN. The scaffolds will be seeded statically with single and multiple human cell populations under previously‐established optimal eeding conditions, and will be assessed in terms of cell viability, attachment, colonisation, and phenotype. The seeded caffolds will then be treated with a range of different preservation techniques and assessed in terms of cell viability and phenotype in order to identify the most suitable techniques and parameters for the particular scaffold/cell combinations.


Research Field: Cardiovascular tissue engineering and regenerative medicine


Collaborators: Hannover Medical School, RWTH Aachen University and Hospital


Supervision: Prof. Gino Gerosa (PI), Dr. Paola Aguiari (co‐I), Dr. Sotirios Korossis (co‐I), Prof. Stefan Jockenhövel


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TECAS-ITN End-of-Network Conference

 Padua, November 28-30, 2016

The TECAS-ITN European Doctoral Academy in Regenerative Engineering, is organising the End-of-Network Conference in Padua, Italy.

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